Enabling interim fix JR54089

You must complete these steps to adopt the fix in this APAR.

Before you begin

  • Feature Pack 8If you installed the cumulative interim fix, JR55049.fep, then you do not have to complete this step. The cumulative installation is different from installing the individual fix for JR54089. The files are automatically copied to the WC_installdir/bin directory.
  • Feature Pack 7Install the interim fix for APAR JR54089.


Copy the following files from the WC_installdir/components/foundation/bin directory to the WC_installdir/bin directory:
For IBM i OS operating systemSolarisLinuxAIX
  • di-buildindex.sh
  • di-calculateprice.sh
  • di-parallel-process.sh
  • di-preprocess.sh
  • indexpropEnhance.sh
  • di-buildindex.bat
  • di-calculateprice.bat
  • di-parallel-process.bat
  • di-preprocess.bat
  • indexpropEnhance.bat