Feature Pack 5Feature Pack 6

Enabling interim fix JR47787

Interim fix JR47787 addresses an issue where SEO URLs stop working when the default language is changed in Management Center. This interim fix registers the StoreToken with the new default language.

Before you begin

  • Feature Pack 5Install the cumulative interim fix for Feature Pack 5, JR53048.fep. JR47787 is included in the cumulative interim fix.
  • Feature Pack 6Install interim fix JR47787.


  1. Insert a row into the STORECONF table with the name 'wc.seo.defaultURLLangId' and the value of the language_id.
    For example,
     insert into STORECONF values (storeent_id, 'wc.seo.defaultURLLangId', '-1', 0);
    Note: To find the storeent_id of your store, run the following query, select * from storeent;
  2. Open the Department_Data.jsp file and change ${param.urlLangId} to ${urlLangId}.
  3. Update all JSP files that use ${param.urlLangId}. Change ${param.urlLangId} to ${urlLangId}.
    For example:
    <wcf:url var="SiteMapURL" patternName="SitemapURL" value="SiteMap">
        <wcf:param name="urlLangId" value="${urlLangId}" />
        <wcf:param name="storeId" value="${param.storeId}" />
        <wcf:param name="catalogId" value="${param.catalogId}"/>
        <wcf:param name="langId" value="${param.langId}" />
  4. Repeat all steps for each of your existing (B2C or B2B) or storefront asset (MPS or BMP) stores.