Upload Custom Policy

You can upload your custom policy file in .xml, .mobileconfig, or syncML format.

About this task

You can create a custom policy using this wizard.
  • For macOS, you can use profile creator to create custom policy and upload the .mobileConfig file to Custom Policy Wizard.
  • For Windows, see Policy CSP for more information on creating custom policy.
  • Once an appropriate .syncml or .xml file has been created using the Microsoft docs as a reference, users can upload the file in the Custom Policy Wizard.

  1. In the MDM Policy Types page, click Upload Custom Policy.
  2. Enter the details in Generic Settings.
    • You can select only one operating system checkbox at a time.
    • You can only create policies and assign them to sites where you have the write permission.
    • Select a site from the dropdown to Assign Policy to Site. Non-master operator can see only those sites in the dropdown to which they have access.
    • Policies can be assigned to specific sites using Assign Policy to MDM devices.
  3. Click Choose File to upload a .xml or .mobileconfig or .syncml policy file.
  4. Click Upload.
  5. Click Deploy Policy to deploy the custom policies to site.