Get Started with Extensions Management Application

BigFix Extension Management application provides you the possibility to extend WebUI features beyond what is delivered in the products that you are currently entitled to. You can address specific use cases that are not currently fulfilled by the product by adding ad-hoc extensions to WebUI.

Developing extensions

With this release, to accelerate the customization of the interface to your needs, the development of extensions is limited to HCL personnel. Future releases of this feature will enable organizations to develop extensions on their own via a public toolkit that HCL delivers.

High-level process flow

The high-level steps to develop a customized extension and manage it is as follows:

  1. Organizations contact their HCL representative to define business requirements and engage with the appropriate team within HCL to develop an extension.
  2. HCL team develops a WebUI extension to add a new capability that is not available on the WebUI to address the customer request and delivers the extension by publishing it on an external site or by sharing the extension file.
  3. WebUI Administrator enables the capability of Extension Management in WebUI.
  4. WebUI user (Master operator or Content creator with read and write permissions to the necessary custom sites) from your organization receives or downloads the extension application file (*.webui) and installs it on to the custom sites.
  5. After the extension is installed, it becomes accessible from WebUI under Extension Management. Users with appropriate site access and permissions can use them seamlessly together with the rest of the applications and manage the extensions from WebUI.

Access Extension Management

By default, Extension Management is not added to WebUI. To add it, contact your WebUI Administrator to configure the server setting _WebUIAppEnv_ENABLE_EXTENSIONS_MANAGEMENT. For the changes in the server setting to take effect, restart the WebUI after configuring.

Users and roles

Master operator and Content creators
Master Operators and Content Creators can install, manage, and use the extension management applications. They can manage the extension applications as follows:
  • Install a new extension from an external site or from an extension file (*.webui) as indicated by the HCL representative.
  • Launch an extension
  • Repair an extension
  • Update an extension
  • Search, sort, filter, and navigate through extensions
  • Uninstall or remove an old obsolete extension
  • Master operators can manage all the extensions available to an organization as they have access to all the custom sites. Content Creators can only manage the extensions available within the sites accessible to them.
  • External sites are read only sites for both Master Operators and Content Creators, and they cannot remove any extensions from the external site.
Non-Master Operators
NMOs can view the extensions installed on the custom sites visible to them. They can launch an extension application from the Extensions menu and work with it. They cannot manage or perform any administrative actions on the extensions.