Get Started with Devices

Use the Device screens to view and manage all the devices in your environment as determined by your permission levels. You can find specific devices, access device documents, select devices for deployment, generate and export device reports and do much more.

Cloud devices

BigFix 10 brings you the capability to manage your physical and virtual endpoints on cloud (public, private, and hybrid) securely and cost-effectively. If you have the cloud plugins enabled, you can view cloud resources with or without the native BigFix agent installed.

Modern Client Management (MCM) devices
BigFix enables you to control modern clients in your environment with enhanced security through MCM policies and actions. If you have the MCM plugin enabled, you can enroll the devices for MCM and manage through BigFix WebUI. For more information, refer to Modern Client Management and BigFix Mobile.

To avoid duplication and to streamline management of devices, when BigFix discovers a device, it determines if it is unique and adds an icon representing the type of the device (native, cloud, or MCM). If a device has more than one representation or icon, it is called a correlated device. For more information, seeCorrelated devices device.