Device Documents

Click a device name to see its properties, status, relevant content, deployment status, and history. Drill further into device details by using the associated views.

As a BigFix Operator, you can view the Device document. Device document provides information gathered from various devices. If it is a cloud instance, you see data related to cloud as well on this page. To narrow down the search to cloud devices, you can use filters such as BigFix Agent Status (Installed or Not installed) or Managed by (Cloud and which Cloud provider).

Image of the Device document, Properties view.

The Device document views:

  • Properties – Detailed description of the device.
  • Custom – Custom content relevant to this device.
  • Patches – Patches relevant to this device.
  • Software – Software relevant to this device.
  • Deployments – Deployment history for this device.

An operator’s permission settings govern the views that are displayed. For example, an operator without access to custom content cannot see the Custom view. An operator without access to the Query application cannot access the Query option on clicking More.

  • Critical Vulnerabilities – High severity patches available for this device.

  • Last Seen – The amount of elapsed time (minutes, hours, days) since a device last reported to BigFix.

  • Add/Remove Properties – Display the list of available properties and select the ones that you want to appear in the device properties view.
    Image of Add/Remove Properties dialog.

  • Add Property Group – Customize the Device Properties view by adding or removing sets of property data from the page.
    Image of the Add Property Group dialog.

  • Filter Deployment by Status – On the Deployments view, filter the list using Status.

    Image of the Device document, Deployments view, showing how to filter the list using Status.