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BigFix WebUI Documentation
Welcome to the BigFix WebUI documentation, where you can find information about how to install, maintain, and use BigFix WebUI.
WebUI Overview
Access the flexibility and power of BigFix through this approachable web-based interface.
WebUI guides in PDF format
Following is a list of links to the BigFix WebUI user guides in PDF format:
WebUI User's Guide
Read this guide for an introduction to the WebUI tools, concepts, and terminology.
Welcome to BigFix WebUI. The WebUI delivers a powerful set of functions for BigFix operators. It simplifies BigFix workflows, speeds access to data, and improves flexibility, visibility, and performance.
Meet the WebUI
Take a quick tour of the WebUI screens, controls, and workflow.
Get Started with Devices
Use the Device screens to view and manage all the devices in your environment as determined by your permission levels. You can find specific devices, access device documents, select devices for deployment, generate and export device reports and do much more.
Get Started with Patch
Use the Patch screens to list patches, find specific patches, and view detailed patch information including known issues, vulnerable devices, and deployments.
Get Started with Patch Policy
A patch policy is a set of criteria that defines a patch list; that is, a collection of Fixlets that meet the patching criteria of a specific set of endpoints.
Get started with IVR
Use the Insights for Vulnerability Remediation (IVR) application to view a list of all the vulnerabilities, remediate vulnerabilities and create customized IVR reports.
Get Started with Software
A BigFix software package is the collection of Fixlets used to install software on a device. The package includes the installation files, the Fixlets that install them, and information about the package itself.
Get Started with Custom Content
Use the Custom Content pages to view custom content, edit tasks, and view related information, including applicable devices and deployments.
Get Started with BigFix Query
Use the BigFix Query feature to retrieve data from endpoints through a dedicated query channel, where the memory available on each Relay minimizes the impact to normal BigFix processing.
Take Action: The Deploy Sequence
To deploy means to dispatch content such as applications, modules, updates, and patches to one or more endpoints. For example, by deploying a software, you install the software in the targeted endpoints. BigFix WebUI enables you to configure the content and the target devises to create a deployment and monitor the deployment status. The work flow including all the steps, processes, and activities that are required to create a deployment is collectively called as the Deploy Sequence.
Get Started with Deployments
Use the Deployment views to monitor and verify completion of BigFix deployments.
Get Started with the Content App
Use the Content App to work with Fixlets, tasks, and baselines on the BigFix sites. Search, filter, and deploy content using standard WebUI tools.
Get Started with Extensions Management Application
BigFix Extension Management application provides you the possibility to extend WebUI features beyond what is delivered in the products that you are currently entitled to. You can address specific use cases that are not currently fulfilled by the product by adding ad-hoc extensions to WebUI.
Modern Client Management and BigFix Mobile
This section guides you through BigFix Modern Client Management (MCM) and BigFix Mobile to understand the MCM concepts, terminologies, features, and functionality. You can find detailed instructions for managing the complete lifecycle of your MDM managed endpoints here.
Extending BigFix management capabilities
BigFix 10 delivers a few significant new functions for enhancing the visibility and management of devices on your network regardless of whether the devices are physical or virtual.
For more information about this product, see the following resources:
WebUI Administration Guide
Read this guide for information about installing and administering the WebUI.
This guide is intended for BigFix Master Operators and those who administer an BigFix deployment. If you are looking for information about using the WebUI, see the BigFix WebUI User's Guide.
Deployment Requirements
This guide contains information and procedures for installing the WebUI on BigFix Platform V10.0.0 or later. The WebUI is supported on BigFix Platform V10.0.0 and later versions.
WebUI Installation
Use these procedures to install or upgrade the WebUI on BigFix Platform version 10 or later. Before you start the procedure:
Remove the WebUI Service
Use this procedure to remove the WebUI from BigFix Platform.
Provisioning Users
Use permission settings in the WebUI and the BigFix Console to control access to the WebUI and its functions.
Managing Application Updates
You can manage application updates through Application Update Manager.
Editing Dashboards
Use the WebUI’s editing tools to customize the WebUI Overview and Executive Overview dashboards.
This chapter provides an introduction to some tools for managing performance problems you might encounter with the WebUI. For a detailed discussion of BigFix and WebUI performance topics and tools, including planning, monitoring, and maintenance, see the BigFix Capacity Planning Guide.
Log Locations
All WebUI logs are stored in one default location. Logs are stored on the WebUI Server in the following locations (unless changed by the server setting _WebUI_Logging_LogPath).
WebUI Server Settings
Create or modify server settings on your WebUI server to control advanced aspects of the WebUI. These settings are for advanced users only and can be used to help troubleshoot problems or adjust behaviors to optimize performance.
SAML 2.0
BigFix supports SAML 2.0. SAML authentication is an application login mechanism that uses a configured Identity Provider (IdP) to authenticate users.
Read this section for information about any known issues using the WebUI application.
WebUI and Distributed Server Architecture (DSA)
Understand how to work with WebUI in Distributed Server Architecture (DSA).
Supported Patch Sites
A subset of BigFix patch sites is supported in the WebUI.
For more information about this product, see the following resources:
This glossary provides terms and definitions for the Modern Client Management for BigFix software and products.