This chapter provides an introduction to some tools for managing performance problems you might encounter with the WebUI. For a detailed discussion of BigFix and WebUI performance topics and tools, including planning, monitoring, and maintenance, see the BigFix Capacity Planning Guide.

For the best performance, install the WebUI service on a dedicated machine. Running BigFix services and the WebUI database on a single machine will slow response times.

Optimizing User Permissions

In the WebUI, if non-master operators have similar permissions, WebUI is able to take advantage of that fact and use shared values for caching (see section on Caching).

Specifically, if non-master operators have identical permissions with regards to:
  • Visible sites
  • Visible Computers
  • Assigned Roles
Non-master operators are able to share caches. Thus, to optimize WebUI performance, best practice is that the deployments must have groups of non-master operators that have their permissions defined via groups and roles. Try to avoid assigning individual operators, individual site or computer permissions. Also, try to avoid having content be assigned to individual operator sites as much as possible.