Operator Performance

Use these techniques to minimize operator-related delays.

  • Balance Operator Load - Concurrence, or the number of operators using the WebUI at the same time, can affect performance. Response times may slow when a large number of operators are all using the WebUI at once. This can be minimized this by scheduling operators effectively, and ensuring that you have sufficient system resources to support concurrent operator load. If an operator is experiencing slow response times, taking a break and returning to the WebUI when system load decreases might help. If this becomes an ongoing problem, Operator and Role shaping can help.
  • Shape Operator Access - You can decrease system load by managing operators' access to content and endpoints. Use the BigFix Operator and Role permissions to limit individual operators to specific content, specific endpoints, or both. For example, if an operator is only concerned with a specific set of endpoints, such as Windows endpoints, define their role accordingly. Shaping can significantly reduce processing overhead.
  • Remove Extraneous Content - Removing unnecessary content can also reduce the load on the server.