Deployment Requirements

This guide contains information and procedures for installing the WebUI on BigFix Platform V10.0.0 or later. The WebUI is supported on BigFix Platform V10.0.0 and later versions.

Prepare your environment before you deploy the WebUI.

Before installing the WebUI service:
  • Install BigFix Platform V10.0.0 or later. For instructions, see the BigFix Platform Installation Guide.
  • Install BigFix client on the same computer.
  • BigFix Web Reports must be installed, running, and reachable via the REST API. If that prerequisite is not met, the WebUI will not be able to load some WebUI sites and applications such as Query and Profile, and Patch Policies or services like the Send Notification will not be available. Even when the BigFix Web Reports is installed on a remote server, and the datasource configured after the WebUI was started, these applications will not be available until the WebUI server is restarted.
  • Make sure that your DBA grants the database user to be used for the WebUI installation:
    • Read access to all of the DBO tables in BFENT (DB2), BFEnterprise (MS SQL Server).
    • The ability to create stored procedures.
    • The ability to create new indexes in the WebUI namespace.
    • The ability to create new tables in the WebUI namespace.
  • To use the Send Notification service:
    • BigFix Web Reports must be installed, running, and reachable via the REST API.
    • The notification service must be installed on the BigFix root server, not on a remote machine.
  • If you are installing the WebUI service on a remote server:
    • The remote server must be running the BigFix Agent version 10.0.0 or later before you deploy the installation Fixlet.
    • The BigFix root server and the WebUI remote server must run on the same operating system family (either Windows or Red Hat); operating system versions can differ. The supported operating systems are:
      • Windows Server 2016 / Windows Server 2019 / Windows 2022, or
      • Red Hat Linux 8 (64 bit)
      Note: WebUI is a part of BigFix Server components. For complete details on the supported platforms, see the knowledge article BigFix 10 - Detailed System Requirements.
  • HTTP cookies must be enabled to use the WebUI. Users who have browser cookies disabled or blocked will not be able to log in. No warning or error message will appear.
  • A network port must be open for WebUI communication; the default port is 80 and 443 for HTTP and HTTPS. For more information, see Network Port Conflicts.
  • Certificate authority (CA) signed SSL certificates ensure secure communication with your WebUI deployment. For more information, see Configure SSL certificates.
  • Access the WebUI with these supported internet browsers. You need a minimum screen resolution of 1024x768.
    • Microsoft Edge, updated to the latest version
    • Firefox, updated to the latest version
    • Safari, updated to the latest version
    • Chrome, updated to the latest version
System requirements for using BigFix Query:
  • BigFix version 10.0.0 or later.
  • Web Reports enabled in your environment.
  • A license for BigFix Lifecycle, or BigFix Security and Compliance.
  • To process BigFix Query requests, targeted clients must have:
    • The ability to receive UDP notifications.
    • BigFix V10.0.0 or later installed.
  • BigFix V10.0.0 or later must be installed on all targeted clients and intermediate relays.
System requirements for using BigFix IVR:
  • IVR Schema in place
  • IVR Dataflow run (IVR 1.4) and data correlated to Insights exist
  • Insights ETL run
  • By default WebUI IVR app listens on port 52318. It can be changed in the WebUI application configuration file with _WebUIAppEnv_INSIGHT_BROKER_PORT setting.