Remove the WebUI Service

Use this procedure to remove the WebUI from BigFix Platform.

  1. Run Fixlet 2557 - Remove WebUI Service to remove the WebUI from the BigFix Server or a remote machine. The server instance, including client settings, the ETL directory, and the working WebUI directory will be removed.
    Note: If you need to move the WebUI or reinstall it, the next step is not mandatory. Perform the actions described in step 2 only if you want to do a cleanup into the BigFix Server database or if you do not want to reinstall the WebUI.
  2. Copy the SQL statements for your database platform from the DeveloperWorks BES WebUI DB Cleaner page and run them on the BFENT database server. You must have access to BFENT and permission to run the SQL to complete this task. For example, SA level for SQL Server users, and DB2inst1 or dbadmin level for DB2 users.