Provisioning Users

Use permission settings in the WebUI and the BigFix Console to control access to the WebUI and its functions.

Use Console permission settings to:
  • Establish site, device, operator, and role permissions.
  • Control which applications operators see on the WebUI Apps menu.
  • Disable access to the WebUI login page for an operator or role.
Use the WebUI's Permission service to:
  • Set content target limits, to restrict the amount of content an operator can deploy.
  • Set device target limits, to restrict the number of devices an operator can deploy to, or query against.
  • Grant unlimited targeting to a role.

Master operators retain full access to all WebUI elements, functions, and controls at all times. WebUI applications that are intended for master operators only (such as the Permissions service) do not appear on operators' screens. All WebUI operators have access to deployment information. For example, operators can see the list of all the patches deployed to an endpoint whether they have permission to patch or not. The ability to view this information does not imply the permission to act on it, for example, to stop a deployment in progress.

Procedures for setting WebUI permissions appear below. To read more about BigFix permissions see the BigFix Site Administrator and Console Operators. To learn more about managing operators and roles, see the BigFix Console Operator's Guide.