Welcome to BigFix WebUI. The WebUI delivers a powerful set of functions for BigFix operators. It simplifies BigFix workflows, speeds access to data, and improves flexibility, visibility, and performance.

Only minimal BigFix experience is needed to learn and use the WebUI. A browser, the WebUI URL, and a BigFix username and password are all that is required. Supported browsers include the latest versions of Edge, Safari, Firefox, and Chrome.

Administrators and operators familiar with the BigFix console will find a useful introduction to the WebUI in this guide. For information about installing and administering the WebUI, see the BigFix WebUI Administration Guide.

To open the WebUI, use the URL provided by your administrator and enter your BigFix username and password. Single Sign On users will bypass the BigFix login screen and authenticate through their service provider. After successful login, users are greeted with the BigFix Overview dashboard.

Note: The look of the BigFix interface is changing. We are in the process of updating the graphics in this guide to reflect the new colors and theme. Thank you for your patience as we complete this work.