Send a File

You can upload, list, delete your files and send a file to multiple devices from your file system.

Before you begin

  • The operator must have the following permissions:
    • Can Create Actions
    • Custom Content
  • SWD must be running and the operator must have access to it.

About this task

This section explains you on how to upload a file, send a file to target devices, and delete a file from the list.

Upload files

To upload a new file into the server:

  1. From the Devices page, select one or more devices. Click Configuration and select Send file. Devices Configurations menu

    The Files page is displayed that lists all the files that are already uploaded by the user.

  2. Click Upload, navigate to and select the file you want to upload, and click Open.
    • The file upload starts and you can see the status of the upload in the progress bar.
    • If you want to cancel the upload, click the red x icon next to the progress bar.
    Once the file is uploaded, the file list is updated and the uploaded file becomes available to be sent on target devices.
    Note: If you are using Microsoft Edge browser to upload a file, ensure you are using the MS Edge version 18.18218 or later. With earlier versions of Microsoft Edge, the progress bar does not show the file upload status; however, the file list gets updated with the uploaded file.
    When the file is uploaded, it is saved in the default path. To change the default path:
    1. Click the link DEFAULT_PATH against the file for which you want to change the default path.
    2. In the Destination file path window:
      Destination file path
      1. Enter the desired path
      2. Select the option Overwrite if the file already exists on target if necessary.
    3. Click Ok.
    The specified path is set as the destination path.
Send a file
You can select a file and send it to one or more selected devices.

Prerequisites: The user permission required to send a file are Create Action and Custom Create

To send a file to one or more destination devices:

  1. In the Devices page, from the list of devices, select one or more destination devices to which you want to send a file.
    • Select at least one destination device.
    • If you want to select more than one device, then select devices that belong to the same operating system.
  2. Click More and select Send file.
  3. From the list of files, select a file to transfer.
    Important: You can send only one file at a time.
    Note: You can search and find a file; sort by upload date, file name, or file size.
    1. Devices Targeted – This displays the number of devices selected. Click this button if you want to modify your device selection.
    2. Settings – Click this button to define file transfer settings:
      File transfer settings
      • Request expires in – Select a time period from the drop-down list within which the file can be transferred to the destination devices. After this time period, the file transfer request expires and the file cannot be transferred.
      • Stagger deployment start times to reduce network load – Select this option if you want to reduce network load.
      • Default destination path – Specify the default destination path where you want to transfer the file in all selected devices.
  4. Click Send.

After successful transfer, the file becomes available in the destination devices at the default path set.

To delete files from the server, from the list of files, select one or more files and click Delete.
Note: When a file is removed, only the reference of the file is removed.