Certificates Policy

Learn how to upload .pem and .der certificates to MDM server and deploy them on MDM endpoints.

About this task

To create or edit certificates policy:


  1. From the WebUI main page, select Apps > MDM.
  2. On the MDM page, click Create Policy.
  3. From the MDM Policy Types, click Certificates Policy. The following page appears.
  4. In the Generic Settings section, do the following:
    1. Enter name and description of the policy.
    2. Select operating system.
    3. In the Assign Policy to Site drop down, select Master action site.
  5. Optionally configure Policy Removal Settings.
  6. Under Certificate Options, click Choose File and select the .pem or .der certificate file.
  7. Click Add Cert to upload another certificate.
  8. Click Save.