Passcode policies allow BigFix administrators to lock down various password/inactivity settings on both Windows and macOS MDM devices.

About this task

To create Passcode policy:
  1. Open the MDM app.
  2. Click Create Policy.
  3. Select Passcode to create a passcode policy.
  4. Click Settings.
  5. Enter the details in General Settings
    Note: To assign a policy to site, select a site from the Assign Policy to Site drop down. Non-master operators can see only those sites in the drop down to which they have access.
  6. Set the Policy Removal Settings.
    Note: This is an optional setting.
  7. Set the Passcode Complexity.
  8. Set the Passcode Security.
  9. Click Save.
Note: You have optional settings specific to macOS settings and Windows 10 settings.
  • macOS settings (optional):

  • Windows 10 Settings (optional):