Select target devices

You can easily filter and select a specific group of target devices that meet your conditions for carrying out MCM commands using the WebUI. These commands include tasks such as installing and updating components; deploying actions, policies, policy groups, and more.

When you access The Device List and the Select target list, they provide a complete list of all relevant devices within your network.

You can utilize various filters such as device type, operating system, IP address to narrow down your selection. After applying the desired filters, the list dynamically updates to display only the devices that meet your specified conditions. This allows you to easily identify the target devices that are suitable for executing your MCM commands.

Furthermore, the WebUI provides additional options for fine-tuning your device selection. You can customize the data grid by adding or removing property columns, save the filtered list, and use the saved list to expedite your actions. For more details, see The Device List. By utilizing these features, you can efficiently and effectively select the target devices that align with your requirements for executing MCM commands.