Set the policies and permissions for a remote control session

Creating permissions links between user groups and target groups is a fundamental part of the Remote Control application. These links are used to determine which policies and permissions are applied to a remote control session. When a user group or target group is created, a set of permissions is defined for the group. The permissions are known as the standard or normal set. Use Manage Permissions to create a permissions link to combine the standard set of policies for the user group and standard set of policies for the target group. This standard permissions link has policies set to priority 0. You can then enable or disable the relevant policies. The standard permissions can also be overridden by selecting a 1 or 5 priority value to create a new set of permissions. The new set is valid only for the particular user group and target group combination that is selected. Therefore, avoiding the requirement for setting up a user and target group permissions link for every relationship needed.
Note: After you create a permissions link between a user group and target group, the only way to change the policies for a session between members of these two groups is to edit this link. Editing the policies, through the Edit group function, has no effect on the policies and permissions that are defined in the existing link in Manage Permissions. It affects only the policies that are considered for the group when any new permissions links are created.