AWSDEV - TIS library messages

This section lists error and warning messages that might be issued by the TIS library, that converts files to UTF-8 format.

The message component code is DEV.


Unable to open input file !1 for reading.


Unable to examine input file !1.


Unable to allocate input buffer.


Unable to allocate output buffer.


Unable to read input file !1.


The user ID that is using HCL Workload Automation does not have the right ownership or access permissions to create the following output file: "file_name" for writing.

See message.

file_name is the full path and name of the output file that could not be created.

The operation is not performed.

Do the following:

  1. Check the permissions of the directory where the process was trying to create the indicated file
  2. Check the umask of the user
  3. Do one of the following:
    • Log off and log in again as a user with the appropriate permissions to create the indicated file
    • Change the operating system properties for this user so that the file can be written
    • Change the permissions of the directory where the process wants to write the file so that it can be written by the original user


Unable to write to output file !1.


Conversion not supported.