AWSDDW - Std utility messages

This section lists std utility error and warning messages that might be issued.

The message component code is DDW.


Unable to build stdlist directory !2. Errno = !1.


An I/O error occurred while accessing a file. A memory dump has been taken to aid HCL Software Support with problem determination.

See message.

The program proceeds. The file is not accessed.

See the messages that follow this one to understand why the file could not be accessed. If you can fix the problem that these messages reveal, stop the server, fix the problem, and then retry the operation.

If the problem persists, search the HCL Support database for a solution at

  • A tar file of the HCL Workload Automation work directory (<TWS_home>)
  • The memory dump.


Unknown product id <!1> found.


Product '!1' is not installed under the group '!2'.


No '!1' found in components file installed under '!2'.


You specified an invalid product.