AWSBEE - Parms messages

This section lists error and warning parms messages that might be issued.

The message component code is BEE.


Parameter !1 does not exist.


The following parameter name is not valid: !1.


You cannot use the following parameter: !1.


You do not have build permission for the parms -build command that creates and maintains the parameters database.

You have tried to build the local parameters database but your user ID does not have build permission in the Security file.

The build of the parameters database cannot be performed.

Either ask your HCL Workload Automation Administrator to give you build permission for this action and retry, or log off and log again with a user ID that has build permission for this action.


A syntax error occurred. The parameter name exceeds the maximum length of "max_vartable" bytes.

You have supplied a parameter name that is too long.

The submitted command cannot be performed.

Change the parameter name so that it is no longer than the indicated maximum length and retry the operation.