AWKZSJ - z/OS shadow job validation messages

This section lists error and warning messages that might be generated by the z/OS shadow job validation.

The message component code is ZSJ.


The value assigned to the application name is not coherent with the XML definition.

A wrong value for the application name was entered. The correct value for a z/OS shadow job is zShadowJob.

The operation is not performed.

Specify zShadowJob as application name and then retry.


The XML namespace definition is unknown.

The XML namespace definition must match the application name.

The operation is not performed.

Check that the XML namespace definition is correct and then retry.


The value entered for JobStream is not valid.

See message text. The maximum length for the JobStream string is 16 characters.

The operation is not performed.

Specify a correct value for JobStream and then retry the operation.