AWSBII - General and miscellaneous messages

This section lists error and warning general and miscellaneous messages that might be issued.

The message component code is BII.


Unable to write token control structure.


No tokens in list.


Non-valid token !1 in list (!2).


No read access to parameter in !1.


Undefined parameter !1 in string !2; not replaced.


Parameter expansion overflow in !1.


Parameter syntax error in !1.


Cannot deamonize.


An error has occurred.


Cannot update the file "old_file". A new file "new_file" was created. You must replace the old file with the new file.

The program was not able to update the configuration file old_file (useropts). Maybe the file was locked by another process. The program has saved the changes it needed to make, giving the file this name: new_file.

The program continues.

Manually replace the old_file with the new_file, as soon as possible.


Your command line interface settings cannot be modified to allow the input of the password.

The program needs to modify the settings of your command line interface so that you can enter the password in a secure way. It was not able to do this. You cannot use the command line interface to run this program.

The operation is not performed.

Verify with your system support if the command line interface on your computer can be modified to allow the interaction required to let you enter a password in a secure way (it needs to reset the echo input). If not, consult the HCL Workload Automation documentation and choose a different way of achieving the same objective.


The new password and the confirmation password do not match.

See message.

You are asked to re-input the passwords.

Check the values you supplied, and when requested input the correct password and confirm it.


An internal error has occurred. The directory !1 cannot be created.

See message.

The operation is not performed.

Verify the following:
  • That there is sufficient space in the file system where the directory is to be created. If not, create more space.
  • That the parent directory has create permission for the HCL Workload Automation user.
When you have solved the problem retry the operation.


An internal error has occurred.The program is unable to initialize the GSKit libraries.

A problem has occurred with the installation or configuration of the GSKit libraries, or both, and they cannot be initialized.

The program cannot commence a secure connection, so stops.

This is an internal error. Search the HCL Support database for a solution at


Online help is not available on Windows platforms.

The program does not display online help for the available commands.

The program continues.

For details on available commands, see the User's Guide and Reference.