Email address and subject line

Email communications contain a header section in which you enter email address information. The header contains fields to identify the sender, specify the message recipient, and enter an email subject line. You can use personalization fields in any of the header fields to customize the email address and subject. Some header fields are populated by default, but you can change the default values.

The header in an email communication contains the following address lines.

  • From (required)
  • Reply To
  • To (required)
  • Bcc

The header also contains a field to enter the subject line for the email. You can enter a single subject line or enter multiple subject lines that display according to personalization rules. An engaging subject line in the header can help email recipients to quickly recognize your marketing message and encourage them to open the email.

The From, To, and Subject fields display by default. To display the Reply To and Bcc fields, click Email Options Email Options.

Each address line in the header provides address fields and display fields. Address fields provide the local part of the sender and recipient email addresses. The From address also includes a field to specify the email domain from which you are sending the email message.

To deliver email messages, email processing systems require complete email addresses for sender and recipient. The combination of the email domain and the local part create a complete email address. For example, in the email address, the local part of the address is admin and is the email domain.

Note: The system uses the email domain that you select to construct the link URLs that email recipients see when they hover over links in the email. Such links are called branded URLs.

Each address line in the header includes a display field. Display fields typically contain a simple name or title that is easily read by the email recipient. Names that you enter in the display fields are sometimes referred to as friendly names. Entering information in display fields is optional.