Static information in address fields

If you enter simple text into the address lines in the email header, you create a static address. Using a static email address in the To field is typically reserved for testing purposes only.

Note: Use extreme care when you specify static email addresses! The manner in which you specify an address can have serious performance consequences.

When you use a personalization field in an address line, the Output List table (OLT) that is referenced to the mailing provides unique address information for each individual that is included in the OLT. Each individual is represented by a row in the OLT. When you run the mailing, the system sends a single email message for each row in the OLT.

However, if you specify a static email address, each row specifies the same email address. Because the system sends a separate email message for each row in the OLT, the mailbox that you specify as a static address receives one message for each row in the OLT. If the mailing references an OLT that contains a million email addresses, then 1,000,000 email messages are delivered to the mailbox.