Entering the recipient address

The recipient address is the complete email address that appears as the To: address for each email that you send. You can also configure a display name that displays as a friendly name for the recipient email address.

About this task

The best practice for entering a recipient email address is to specify a single personalization field that provides recipient email address. The personalization field must be defined in the Output List Table (OLT) that is referenced by the same mailing that references the email communication. The OLT must define a personalization field that provides a unique email address for each individual that is represented in the OLT. When you run the mailing, the system sends a single email message for each row in the OLT.

You cannot specify multiple personalization fields for the recipient email address.

You can also enter a recipient address as a static value. For example, you can enter a specific email address. However, use caution when doing so. The mailbox that you enter as a static address receives one message for every row in the OLT associated with the mailing. Typically, a static address is used only with very small recipient lists for testing.


  1. In the To: line of the email header, click Insert Personalization Field, or place the cursor in the field and press Ctrl+space.

    If you enter a name instead of a personalization field, the same name displays on every message.

    Note: The system does not compare a static address that you enter in the To: line to the global email suppression list.
  2. Optionally, enter a display name that can appear as the friendly name for the recipient address.

What to do next

You must also enter a sender email address in the From: address line.