Personalization field data types in communications

When you add a personalization field to a communication, a personalization rule, or an advanced script, the field name and data type must exactly match the name and data type that is defined for the field in the OLT. The OLT and the communication must be referenced to the same mailing to enable the system to complete the required validation.

You can experience various errors and warnings when you preview and publish the email or landing page if the name and data type of the personalization fields that are defined in the OLT do not exactly match those added to the communication.

Each personalization field definition specifies the type of data that Deliver substitutes for the personalization field when you run the mailing. Data types for personalization fields are defined as either numeric or string.

The data type for system defined personalization fields (Built-in and Constant fields) is set automatically to string and cannot be changed.

The data type for OLT personalization fields can be either numeric or string.Deliver automatically designates the data type for OLT personalization fields according to the data type of the field in the marketing database that provides the recipient information. However, you can edit the data type designation for OLT personalization fields if necessary.