View As Web Page link in email communications

Give email recipients the ability to view your message in a browser by adding a view as web page option to HTML and text-only email. As an alternative, you can also save the email communication as a hosted landing page and then link to the hosted page in the original email.

Some email recipients prefer to view incoming email in a web browser instead of in an email client. For example, recipients who turn off image display in their email clients can view email as a web page to selectively view images in their email. To accommodate such a preference, you can add a view as web page option as a link to a zone in an email communication.

You can configure any hyperlink to act as a view as a web page link. However, the widget toolbar also contains a separate widget that you can use to add a view as web page link. You can configure the view as web page link to display in the message as text or as an image.

In the Message Editor, you can add a View As Web Page link to HTML email or text-only email communications. When you publish the communication, the system automatically creates a copy of the email as a hosted landing page.

For HTML email, the landing page version of the email is identical to the original message, except that the View as Web Page link is omitted. For text-only email, the view as web version replicates the HTML version of the email communication. If you add a View As Web Page link to a text-only version of an email communication, you must also configure the HTML version of the communication.

Because Unica hosts the landing page, the View As Web Page version of the email can replicate much of the personalization that you added to the email. However, the landing page version does not support all types of personalization available in the email version. For example, hosted landing pages do not support personalization features that you create with Deliver advanced scripts for email.

Note: A view as web page link displays according to the personalization rules, if any, that you configured for the zone.

When the email recipient clicks the link, the hosted landing page displays in a web browser. For tracking purposes, the system considers an email message that opens as a web page as being the same as a hosted landing page open. Data for email messages that are viewed as a web page displays in the landing page section of Deliver link tracking reports.

By default, format settings for the email template determine how the link displays in the email. However, you can override the template formatting to specify custom HTML attributes for the view as web page link.