Entering the sender address

The sender address appears in the header as the From address line. You must provide a sender address. A mailing that references the email communication will fail to run if you do not provide a sender address.

About this task

The From address consists of two fields, the local part and the email domain. The local part identifies the sending mailbox. The combination creates the sending email address in the form <local part>@<domain>.

The email domain is populated by default with an email domain that you establish with HCL. If you maintain more than one email domain with Unica, select the domain that you want to use. The list displays only the email domains that are registered with Unica for your hosted messaging account.

You can also enter a display name, but doing so is optional. Enter a name or select a personalization field that provides a name to display as the sender of the email.

Depending on the system configuration, the display name and local part of the email address might be populated. The defaults for each domain can be different. You can change the default values. For more information about how to specify default values for the sender address, see information in the Unica Deliver Startup and Administrators Guide regarding how to specify the domains that are available for email.


  1. In the From line of the email header, select an email domain from the drop down list.
  2. Enter the local part of the email address. Enter a single word. Do not include spaces. You can also enter a personalization field.
  3. Optionally, enter a display name that can appear as the friendly name for the sender address.

What to do next

You must also enter a recipient email address in the To address line.