Email domain selection

When you create an email message, you must specify the email domain from which the messages are sent. Select the email domain in the From: address line of the email header. Depending on the configuration of your hosted messaging account, you might have multiple domains from which to choose.

If you establish multiple email domains with Unica, the system provides a list of available email domains that are registered with Unica for your hosted email account. Administrators can define default values for display name and the local address that are associated with each domain. You can change the default values when you create or edit an email communication.

Unica Deliver system administrators can restrict the list of email domains that are available for use in email communications.

You can request that Unica add or delete email domains established for your email account. After Unica completes the change you request, the system updates the list of available email domains. The change is reflected in the list of email domains the next time you create or edit an email communication.

Note: Email domain changes for your account do not update email documents that you created before the change request. To change the email domain for a communication created earlier, you must reopen the email communication and update the email domain selection.