Option to share marketing messages on social networks

You can expand the reach of your marketing message by encouraging email recipients to share your email on social networks. When you include social network links, email recipients need only one click to share your content with a broader audience. Deliver provides a widget to create and format links to the most popular social networks.

Use the Share widget to create and format links to social networks in email communications. From the Message Editor toolbar, use the widget to make the following configurations.

  • Add links for up to 5 social networks.
  • Provide descriptions, thumbnail images, and metadata that social networks use to display your content and make it easier to find.
  • Format how the social sharing links appear in the email.

You can add social sharing links to any zone in an email, but you can add only one set of links in the same email. You cannot add social sharing links by reference. You must add social sharing links to a zone.

If you have received short links from Unica , you can specify the links in the social share link. The system tracks the short links that message recipients share on social networks.