Entering a Reply To address

You can enter a mailbox or select a personalization field that provides a mailbox that serves as the mailbox for email replies. Specifying a Reply To mailbox is optional. Depending on the sender email domain that you select for the email, the system can forward recipient replies to the Deliver system tables in your local HCL Unica installation.

About this task

The system displays an automatically generated email address if you leave this field empty, or if you enter an address that uses the same email domain as you selected for the From: address. The generated address takes the following format.

mailbox<mailing identifier>x<message identifier>@<email domain>

The system tracks replies to this mailbox and enters the response data in the Deliver system tables.

However, if you enter an email address that uses an email domain that is different from the domain in the From: address, the system only displays the email address that you enter as the Reply To: address. In this case, the system cannot track replies to the mailbox.


  1. In the toolbar, click Email Options Email Options to display the Reply To: address line in the header.
  2. In the Reply To: address line of the email header, enter the email address for email replies.

    The system uses this address to generate a Reply To address.

    If you insert a personalization field to create a Reply To address, the OLT associated with the email communication must specify the Reply To mailbox address.

  3. Optionally, enter a display name that can appear as the friendly name for the recipient address.