Setting up the HCL Nomad server (SafeLinx)

Follow these steps to setup HCL Nomad if you are using a Nomad server to access Domino applications.

Before you begin

  • Make sure your environment meets the Requirements.
  • Ask your administrator for the Nomad server to connect to during setup.

About this task

For more information, see Configuring SafeLinx Nomad server in the Administrator documentation.


  1. Download and install HCL Nomad from the Apple App Store.
    Note: If you have previously installed and setup Nomad on your device, uninstall the Nomad application to allow a new setup using a Nomad proxy server.
  2. Open Nomad on your device.
  3. Read the Terms and Conditions and click Agree.
  4. Select Proxy Setup.
  5. On the "Nomad Proxy Setup" page, enter the hostname of your Nomad proxy server.
  6. The Nomad proxy server (Safelinx) prompts you for your proxy user credentials. Login using your required proxy credentials.
  7. Enter your Notes user ID password when prompted, then wait for the configuration to complete and the Home page to open.