Frame navigation on the iPhone

Domino applications can consist of complex framesets containing multiple frames. These framesets can clutter the smaller interface of the iPhone screen. HCL Nomad on iPhone has unique toolbar actions designed to help users navigate their complex applications and improve their experience.

Application frame navigation

The Toolbar actions available are “Previous Frame” and “Next Frame”:
action toolbar on iphone

These actions are used to navigate the application frameset laterally by making a subset of the frames take the majority of the screen space at a time. Pressing the “Next Frame” action moves the frames to the right of your on-screen frames onto the screen, and moves the previously centered frames off-screen to the left. “Next Frame” continues to move through the application framesets in this way, until you reach the right border of the main frameset. “Previous Frame” moves the frames to the left of the current on-screen frames onto center screen. This is an easy way to navigate to the different parts of your Domino application on the iPhone.

Sequenced frame navigation

HCL Designer V11 has a new property for Frames on mobile phones called “Sequence”.
designer frames sequence setting

The sequence is a number between 0-15. The Frame navigation that is executed by “Next Frame” and “Previous Frame” is instructed by the sequence defined by this property within the framework of the application. By default the sequence number for every frame is zero. A sequence number of zero instructs the navigation to ignore that frame. As soon as a frame has a sequence number defined to one, the application’s frame navigation is instructed: the “Next Frame” action moves the next frame in the defined sequence on screen, and the “Previous Frame” action moves the previous frame in the defined sequence on screen.