You can use full-text search to search an entire application; use quick-find to find information in the current view or find and replace text in the documents.

Search in view

  1. To search in a View, select the Search icon in the Nomad header to open the search bar:
    search in view
  2. Enter a query text and start the search with the action key on the keyboard (“Enter”, “search” or magnifier glass depending on keyboard type).
  3. Every application stores its own search state (search bar is open or closed, the current search query, and the search results if any).
  4. Close and reset a search with the X (Close) button.
  5. The search bar also closes if the query text is empty, and then you open the Nomad menu or switch away to another application.

Quick find

  1. To open Quick Find, long press on any column header in a View or (when using an external keyboard) start typing any alphanumeric characters.
    Note: This does not apply to tables in a document.
    quick find dialog
  2. The drop-down contains “Any Column” and the names of sortable columns for column specific Quick Find searches.
  3. The column that was long-pressed is selected by default if it is sortable, otherwise Any Column is selected.
  4. Searching in a specific column will find the first match in that column that starts with the query string. The Footer view contains buttons to navigate to the first and last match.
  5. “Find In Any Column” searches for strings that contain the query string in all columns of the database (including non-sortable columns). The Footer view contains buttons to navigate to the next and previous results.
  6. The message <query> was not found displays when no match was found.
  7. Short pressing on a column sorts the column (if sortable) and, like long pressing, also changes the selection in the drop-down.
  8. If the database design declared a column of type “Date” then a Date Picker dialog opens automatically.
  9. If the current query text can be converted to a date, after switching from a text column to a date column, it is used as the initial date in the Date Picker - otherwise the current date is used.
  10. If the text cannot be converted the query text is cleared and today's date it used.
  11. Selecting a date tries to find the first entry on that date.

Find/Replace in Document

  1. To Find text in a document, select the Search icon in the Nomad header to open the search bar:
    find in document
  2. If the document is in Edit mode, then replacing text is enabled as well:
    find and replace
  3. Footer view contains buttons to navigate to next and previous results. In Edit mode it also contains the Replace and Replace All action buttons.
    Note: Replace All cannot be undone.

    replace all button
  4. When search does not find anything, the message <query> was not found displays.