What's new in HCL Nomad for Apple iOS?

These are the new features and enhancements introduced in recent releases of HCL Nomad for Apple iOS (formerly IBM Domino® Mobile Apps).

Release 1.0.8

Bug fixes.

Release 1.0.7

  • New Help sub-menu listing the following items:
    • Product Documentation - Launches the HCL Nomad product documentation in your default web browser. Previously this was the action of the Help menu item.
    • Generate Problem Report - Collects HCL Nomad diagnostic data and stores it in the Documents/HCL Nomad/HCLNomadPR.zip file.
    • Report Defect - Opens an email draft directed to the HCL Support email address. Users can add a problem description, attach screen shots, and/or attach an HCLNomadPR.zip file.
    • About HCL Nomad - Displays HCL Nomad information. Previously this action was on the main menu.
  • New Enable Verbose Logging setting under Settings > HCL Nomad. Enable this setting when reproducing a problem for HCL Support.

See Reporting a problem for more information.

Release 1.0.6

  • Support for iPhone. See Frame navigation on the iPhone for more details.
  • Support for mobile actions menu. See Mobile actions menu for more details.
  • Hide when mobile support.
  • New MDM AppConfig definitions for Server Connection and Passthru documents.

Release 1.0.5


Release 1.0.4

  • There are new icons for Toolbar actions. There is no difference in functionality from the previous icons.
  • panagenda MarvelClient comes installed with HCL Nomad beginning with this release. MarvelClient helps administrators manage their Nomad clients.
  • HCL Nomad for iOS now supports MDM Appconfig via most common mobile device management (MDM) providers. Administrators can use MDM to deploy, configure, and manage their Nomad clients. For more information, see the topic on managing Nomad via MDM.
  • Users now have personal mail file access. Administrators can disable this access through MDM configuration. For more information, see the administrative documentation.
  • HCL Nomad can now be configured to avoid DNS (Domain Name System). For more information, see the administrative documentation.
    • For certain VPN solutions to be compatible with HCL Nomad, this configuration is a necessity.
    • When DNS isn't used, Nomad clients must use an IP address to connect to a server during setup and when initially connecting to application servers.
    • To open Domino apps from the Nomad client, administrators need to change their connection documents to specify IP addresses rather than host names.
  • HCL Nomad 1.0.4 requires you to login and connect to your Domino home Server once, prior to offline use. This helps ensure that your client is properly configured.

Release 1.0.3

  • You can now select and edit text in Rich Text fields. Drag the buttons on either side of the text to adjust the selection.Text selected in a rich text field
  • The @Platform formula with the Specific parameter used in applications returns a text list containing the following values:
    • PrimaryOSName, for example, iOS
    • PrimaryOSVersionName, for example, 12.4
    • iOS Model Type, either iPad or iPhone
    • Apple Hardware Identifier, for example, iPad8.4

Release 1.0.2

You can now import or attach pictures or files into documents.