HCL Nomad and panagenda MarvelClient

The HCL Nomad management solution MarvelClient from panagenda is now provided with all installations of HCL Nomad on iOS, Android, and HCL Nomad for web browsers. panagenda MarvelClient allows administrators to manage HCL Nomad clients by defining their own settings.

MarvelClient allows administrators to:
  • Centrally manage every aspect of Nomad - including Recent Apps, local replicas, Location/Connection documents, and more - without end-user interaction.
  • Ensure Nomad clients are properly set up following initial installation. End-users can be productive immediately without having to think about settings or how to find their Notes applications.
  • Apply settings consistently, making sure Nomad stays configured correctly - a simple restart of the app automatically fixes mis-configurations without the need for the help desk to get involved.
  • Continuously collect detailed information about all aspects of deployed Nomad installations, operating systems, and hardware to further administrative analytics.
  • Configure application restrictions for improved data security.

MarvelClient components

The main components of MarvelClient are:
  • The MarvelClient component that comes with HCL Nomad. This component manages your client's settings as they are defined in the MarvelClient Config Database.
  • The MarvelClient Config database (either panagenda\pmc_config.nsf or panagenda\panagenda.nsf), a Domino server-based database used to configure your Nomad and Notes clients
  • The MarvelClient Analyze database (either panagenda\pmc_analyze.nsf or panagenda\mc_analyze.nsf), a Domino server-based database that stores the Nomad and Notes client data that you analyze

Other resources

For information on how to download the MarvelClient Config database template with HCL Nomad support, and how to configure MarvelClient for HCL Nomad, see the following documentation: