MarvelClient Connection and Location actions are not reflected after upgrading HCL Nomad application

  • Issue: When setting up the Nomad Mobile app, the settings in MarvelClient (such as creating a connection document to the personal address book) were automatically reflected. Since the update of the Nomad Mobile iOS app to and Nomad Mobile Android app to 1.0.22, there has been an issue where the MarvelClient settings are not being reflected. This behavior is the same for Nomad Web 1.0.1 in that Connection and Location actions are automatically disabled for Nomad Web.
  • Cause: This is due to an intentional change to MarvelClient. For more information, see Why don't my Location and Connection actions run on HCL Nomad? in the panagenda documentation.
  • Resolution: You can edit the Location and Connection actions in the Config Database of MarvelClient and manually enable one of the HCL Nomad platforms.
    These actions are now disabled by default. If you want to re-enable, just need to edit the actions and specifically select the Nomad clients in order to re-enable.
    Note: Some of the standard Notes client settings are not applicable to HCL Nomad, and they might cause problems with startup or connectivity.