MarvelClient Nomad Roaming

A subset of panagenda MarvelClient functionality ships with all Nomad clients. One example of this is panagenda MarvelClient Nomad Roaming. Additional capabilities can be purchased from panagenda.

Nomad Roaming allows you to have a consistent client experience across all of your HCL Nomad clients. Your Recent Applications page, Workspace and other client settings are restored everytime a Nomad client starts. Client settings sync between Nomad clients as they are running.

Nomad Roaming requires an additional "Roaming License" with panagenda MarvelClient. For more information, see the panagenda documentation.

Nomad Roaming is available starting with HCL Nomad Web 1.0.5, HCL Nomad iOS 1.0.24, and HCL Nomad Android 1.0.34. For information on enabling the feature, see the panagenda documentation.