SafeLinx as the Nomad server

An HCL SafeLinx 1.2 or later server configured as a HCL Nomad server is required to handle communications with Nomad clients.

The SafeLinx client-less component (HTTP access services) is enhanced to include function for supporting HCL Domino Nomad applications. This function provides an authenticating, secure websocket server frontend to mobile devices, adapts the traffic to Domino NRPC data and relays the data to a Domino server back-end infrastructure on the Domino native NRPC channel (TCP port 1352).

HCL Nomad communicates with the HCL Domino servers via NRPC, but the only communication technically allowed from a WebAssembly container is secure WebSocket Secure (WSS). For security reasons, the WSS communication must be to the same site as the HTTPS communication. Therefore, HCL Nomad tunnels NRPC over WSS to an HCL SafeLinx server configured as a Nomad server to handle both HTTPS and WSS communications.

For more information on SafeLinx Performance for Nomad, see this article.