Completing the prerequisites

Before you begin configuring the HCL Nomad server, complete the following prerequisites:

  • Make sure a Domino ID vault is configured on a Domino 12 or higher server. Nomad user IDs will be stored in the vault. See the following topics in the Domino documentation:
  • Configure the Domino LDAP service for Nomad.
  • Acquire a trusted TLS certificate to secure connections between SafeLinx and Nomad. For more information, see Configuring a server certificate from a certificate authority in the SafeLinx documentation.
  • Store the Nomad web static files
  • Acquire, install, and configure a relational database.

    If you haven't set up a SafeLinx 1.2 server, prepare, install and configure a relational database to store Nomad session data. Also create a user with create access to the database. You will need this user to configure the database to work with SafeLinx. See the database vendor documentation for instructions.

    See the HCL SafeLinx 1.2 System Requirements for the supported databases. If you plan on installing SafeLinx on a different machine, you will need to install the database drivers onto the same machine as the SafeLinx server.