Collecting required information

To prepare to install and set up SafeLinx, collect the following information:
  • LDAP server and port information:
    • Host name
    • Port. Port 636 recommended.
    • Base distinguished name (DN) from which to begin searches for user and server entries. If users are in one OU (for example in "OU=USERS/O=DEMO") and servers are in another (for example, "OU=SERVERS/O=DEMO") use the org (for example, "O=DEMO") as the base DN.
      Note: The Base distinguished name is not a required field, but can speed up and/or restrict searches in multi-domain directory servers.
    • Distinguished name of the account used to bind to the Domino LDAP server, for example, CN=Nomad Binduser,O=EXAMPLE)
    • Password for the account.
  • Nomad static file installation path
  • TLS certificate path