Managing local replicas

Use the Replication page to replicate all local replicas of an application or a specific one. Also use this page to delete or re-create a local replica.

About this task

Note: Scheduled replication is not available.


  1. To open the Replication page, select the menu button and then select Replication.
    A list of your local replicas is shown that includes the last replication time and replication summary for each one.
    Replication page showing replication information about local replicas.
  2. Choose an action:
    • To replicate all local replicas, select Replicate All.
    • To replicate one local replica, select it and hold (long press it), and select Replicate Selected Application.
    • To delete a local replica, long press it and select Remove.
    • To re-create a local replica, for example to change replication settings, long press it and select Recreate Replica.