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Welcome to VoltScript documentation

VoltScript is a BASIC scripting language evolved from LotusScript®, which was developed for the Lotus Software family of products. The language has been extended for use with HCL Volt MX Go, as a server-side scripting language running within the Foundry middleware layer.

To learn more, see topics in Topic guides.

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What's new

The EA2 release features a new VoltScript Extension for manipulating XML documents, XMLVSE, numerous improvements for existing VSE's and VSCode extensions, and a preview of an interactive debugger for VoltScript. See What's New for complete details.

How the documentation is organized

The Volt MX Go documentation is based on the Diátaxis framework, which organizes documentation into the following modes to address users' documentation needs at different times and in different circumstances. Below shows an overview that guides you on where to look for needed information:

Tutorials - Hands-on introduction on how to use VoltScript

How-to guides - Practical step-by-step guides for performing tasks and operation

Topic guides - High-level discussion and explanation of key topics and concepts in VoltScript

References - Contain API documentation and test reports