Additional configurations for a React Store

There are some additional optional configurations that you can use when you publish a React Store.

Configuration Name Value Description
storeconf table (CAS store) hcl.ImagePath /hclstore/<CAS Directory Name> It is the catalog image context root. This root is prefixed to all image and asset paths for the catalog. You can customize this path.
storeconf table (CAS store and eSite store) headlessStore true for react sore The value is set to true for a headless store when you publish a Store using the Gradle script and the template.
storeconf table (CAS store and eSite store) headlessStore.storeContextRoot /<appName>

For example, /Emerald

The context root that represents the path to the Store or React app name.

It is set to the value from the crsESiteStoreDirName or crsFrontAssetStoreDirName parameter when you publish the store using the Gradle script.

storeconf table (eSite store) 1 Enables contract pricing in Elasticsearch.

For the Sapphire and Emerald Stores, contract prices are retrieved only from the search API call and require that the index be updated.

HCL Commerce Version or laterstoreconf table (SAS or ESite)

hcl.pageLayoutTool.enabled true The value is set to true for a headless store to use Page Composer tool.