Managing product versions

The Product Manager can manage versions of products .

Parts of catalog entries saved in the version repository
Note: Business objects contained in the product (SKUs) are not part of the product version.
Product version SKU version Kit version Bundle version
Short description
Long description
Manufacturer part number
Parent category (Reference to the parent category)
Recurring order item
Subscription item
For purchase
On special
Announcement date
Withdrawal date
Display to customers
Thumbnail (Reference to the image but not the image itself)
Full image (Reference to the image but not the image itself)
List price (only if pricing is managed within the Catalogs tool)
Custom fields (Field 1, Field 2, Field 3, Field 4, Field 5)
Descriptive attributes
Defining attributes
Associated assets(References to the assets. For example, if you modify the assets, the changes are reflected in the version)