HCL Commerce Enterprise

Creating a price rule that uses the Coordinator Branch

You can set up a price rule that coordinates how a set of price rules works together by using the Coordinator Branch. For this type of price rule, you must have a set of existing price rules that you want to coordinate. Then, in a new price rule, you must nest the existing price rules by using Apply Nested Price Rule actions on separate paths. Optionally, you can use the Apply Rounding action in the new price rule to round the prices that the price rule generates.

Before you begin

  1. To see examples of price rules that use the Coordinator Branch, read Coordinator Branch in a price rule.
  2. To learn about how to nest a price rule in another price rule, read Action: Apply Nested Price Rule.
  3. Make sure the set of price rules that you want to coordinate exists.


  1. Open Management Center Tools and from Hamburger menu, click Manage Accounts > Catalog Filter and Pricing .
  2. From the toolbar, click the arrow on the right side of Add newArrow Create New; then select Price Rule.
  3. Set the price rule properties:
    Name Type a name for this price rule. This name displays beneath the price rule in the Price Rules - List page.
    Description Enter text that explains what the price rule is intended to do.
    Tip: To edit the name and description for a price rule, click the green circle at the start of the price rule.
  4. Set up the Coordinator Branch:
    1. From the Branching section in the palette, drag the Coordinator Branch icon into the price rule flow between the green and red circles.
    2. Click the Coordinator Branch.
    3. Complete the properties for the Coordinator Branch:
      Property Description
      Name Type a name for the Coordinator Branch.
      Branch type Select the Branch type. The branch type determines which path in the price rule will be used to price a catalog entry.

      For branch type definitions and examples, see Coordinator Branch in a price rule.

      Paths You need one path for each nested price rule you want to coordinate:
      • To add more paths, click the Create New Path icon above the Paths table.
      • For each path, type a name, for example, Path A, Path B, Path C. The name displays in the Price Rule Builder under the green arrow at the start of each path.
  5. For each path that follows the Coordinator Branch, set up a nested price rule:
    1. From the Actions section in the palette, drag an Apply Nested Price Rule action into the price rule flow to the right of the green arrow that starts the path.
    2. Click the action.
    3. Specify the price rule to nest.
    4. For each additional path, repeat steps 5.a through 5.c.
  6. Optional: To round the prices that this price rule generates, drag an Apply Rounding action to the left of the red circle at the end of the price rule; then specify one or more rounding patterns to use. You can use more than one Apply Rounding action to round different currencies by using different rounding patterns.
  7. Save and close the price rule.