Finding users

Use Management Console Tools to find users so that you can manage their user accounts or update their role assignments.


  1. Open Management Center Tools.
  2. From hamburger menu, select Manage Organizations > Users.
  3. To find the list of required users, follow any one of the options mentioned below:
    • Search the user to update an existing information. You can search the user by entering the Login ID, Last name, Parent Organization, Email, Phone in Search field. All the users related to the search will get listed.
      Note: Although Email and Phone fields are not shown on the landing page, you can still search for the user with Email and Phone.
    • Enable Show filters. It displays, Parent Organization filter, Role filter, and Store filter.
      • In the Parent organization field, type the name of the organization to which the user belongs.
      • In the Roles list, select the user's role.
      • In the Store filter, type the name of the store.
  4. The system performs a fuzzy search and displays a list of users that match the search criteria. The list shows the users' logon ID, last name, first name, organization, and role.
    Note: Due to an HTML limitation, users with multiple spaces separating their name will appear in the search results with only one space separating their name. This is simply an HTML presentation limitation, however, and the data in the database remains unchanged.