HCL Commerce Version or later

Troubleshooting: Changes are not visible after a successful catalog upload.

An ingest process runs in the backend when the catalog upload status is successful. The completion of the ingest process depends on different factors, such as if the system is busy or the size of the changes. Hence the changes might not be available immediately after a successful catalog upload.


The changes are not available immediately, even after a successful catalog upload.


To avoid this issue, preview the changes made in your Marketplace and wait for the Ingest process to complete before committing the changes. If you perform a push-to-live procedure when the ingest process is incomplete, in that case, changes done in the Auth are not visible in the live environment due to missed cache invalidation entries. If changes are visible in the Auth environment but not in the live environment after performing the push-to-live process, clear all the cache in the live environment.