Trigger: Customer Submits Search

Use this trigger in a search rule to begin or continue the rule when a customer performs a search in the storefront. This trigger enables the action building blocks used in search rules to influence search results in the storefront, such as specifying the top search results or changing the search results order.

When setting up this trigger, you must specify which keywords the customer submitted for their search. The keyword matching rules allows you to match a search phrase that contains specific keywords. The keyword matching rule can match the exact form of the word. You must to enter different forms of the keyword, for example, run, runs, running, if you want the rule to be triggered for these different forms.


Here is an example of a search rule that uses this trigger effectively, displayed in the Search Rule Builder:

When a customer searches for coffee, elevate the AromaStar Deluxe coffee maker as the top search result.

The search rule looks like this:

Example of Trigger: Customer Submits Search
Other examples using this trigger include:
  • When a customer searches for coffee, include another brand of coffee maker at the top of the search results.
  • When a customer searches for computers, order the search results so that a specific manufacturer's catalog entries appear higher.
  • For any search, when the customer narrows down the search result by the Furniture category, increase the Boost Factor for office furniture so that they appear higher in the search result.